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      当前位置: > 养生之道 > 手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation

      手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation



      手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation






      手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation


      1、极易造成创伤及感染,由于手掌表皮脱落,手的表面减少了一层天然屏障,增加了接触性感染的机会,一些病菌病 毒(乙肝、性 病等)就会乘虚而入,极易造成创伤及感染;



      手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation


      1、 脱皮阶段以外用药保护新生长的表皮;

      2、 较严重或反复发作者,可服用六味地黄丸或六味地黄汤加减:熟地20克、山药15克、山茱萸10克、丹皮10克、泽泻10克、茯苓15克。防风15克、蒺藜30克,将上方加水后煎煮服用。一般情况下3-5剂即可见效。





      Reading guide

      Dry fingers and peeling are the major causes of severe bleeding. There are many factors that cause the finger dry and desquamation. In order to solve the problem effectively, we need to deal with it according to the situation of the individual, so it is very necessary to understand the situation in an all-round way. So, how do the fingers dry and desquamation? Let's take a look at the processing method in detail.

      手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation

      Occurrence factor

      1. Change of seasonal temperature;

      2, the bad stimulation of alkaline soap and detergent;

      3, a variety of factors;

      4, TCM believes that it is caused by blood heat, blood dryness, and dampness.

      手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation


      1, it is very easy to cause trauma and infection, because the skin of the palm peel off, the surface of the hand reduced a natural barrier, increased the chance of contact infection, some virus (hepatitis B, venereal disease, etc.) will come in and easily cause trauma and infection;

      2, influence social and aesthetic. Hand is the second face of a human being. With the increase of modern communication, hand shreding is embarrassing and inconvenient when people shake hands and eat.

      3, there is a tingling feeling. In the serious cases of hand desquamation, the general friction in life has tingling sensation and affects people's work and life.

      手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation

      therapeutic method

      1. Medication outside the peeling stage protects the newly grown epidermis.

      2, more serious or recurrent authors, can take six flavors of rehmannia pill or six flavour Rehmannia soup: 20 grams of cooked land, 15 grams of yam, 10 grams of Cornus officinalis, 10 grams of red skin, 10 g of Alisma, and 15 grams of Poria. 15 grams of windbreak and 30 grams of Tribulus terrestris. In general, 3-5 doses can be effective.

      3, vitamin C injection smear the affected area, 2 times a day, 3 days a course of treatment. It has a good effect on the recovery of skin lesions. Methods: wash your hands first. After a little dry, pour the vitamin C into the palm of your hand. Wipe the liquid evenly with the palm, and wash it when the liquid is dry. 2 times a day, 2 milliliters per time. Efficacy: there are reports of vitamin C treatment of hand desquamation patients, light 1 times effective, heavy 3 times markedly effective, a few days can heal.

      4, patients should also maintain optimism, avoid mental stress and emotional excitement, minimize contact with alkaline detergent. It can prevent the occurrence of this disease.

      5, ginger is chopped and put in the liquor for 24 hours, then applied to the affected area, 1 to 2 times a day. The curative effect is very significant.

      6. Fresh leek juice and red sugar can be served once a day for 4 times.

      手指头干裂脱皮怎么办 - How do the fingers dry and desquamation:等您坐沙发呢!


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